The Bridgestone Motorcycle
Graham Ray, Just to let you know that the pacakage arrived here on Wednesday. Wow, those rubbers are GOOD!! You've put a lot of effort in to reproducing the originals, and it shows. If the carb rubbers are any indication, I await your first reproduction fork boots with bated breath. Thanks again, Graham.. Gary Hi Ray, I got your Bridgestone rubber parts and I must say they're impressive. I've compared them to some NOS BS parts and they look just the same and are more flexible too. I never thought I'd see BS parts being reproduced, but hopefully your parts will allow a few more Bridgestones to live again. Gary Toomer John Hi Ray, Just wanted to let you know the parts arrived today. I can't thank you enough for the quality of the items and quick service. I will send you a photo when she's all complete. With best regards and gratitude, John
Stef Ray Many thanks, Brian delivered the bike safely at about 6.20 pm he got stuck in heavy traffic and had a few delays. DEFINITELY WORTH THE WAIT think I will sleep in the garage with it tonight you've made an old man very happy nice to do business with you. Brian also said you were a toolmaker snap! small world. Will keep you updated with my progress on the bike once again many thanks. ATB Stef Mark Hi Ray Wherever you are in the world at the moment I hope you get this e-mail. I recieved my Bridgestone parts from you yesterday thank you. I'm still a big kid really, whenever I open a parcel of rare parts its like all your christmases have come at once. The parts are in excellelent condition thank you and I now only need a couple of parts to finish my 350 GTR thank you. Hope to here from you when the rubber parts are made. Thanks again Ray, Mark Garrett Ray, Thanks for all the great parts. They all look great. Have you received my check yet? I just wanted to make sure that you got it. I'll be ordering more stuff from you soon. Garrett
Chris Nova, I just got the parts. Thanks so much, they look amazing and will be perfect for my restoration. I wish this were an ebay sale so I could give you guys positive feedback. I will post on the bridgestone yahoo group that you're a great dealer. Thanks again, Chris Dick Hello Ray, Engine mounts for the 350 arrived this morning Thurs. Apr. 9.  Am well pleased and look forward to doing more business with you in the future.  I was more than a little surprised when you shipped before receiving payment.  I do business with people locally in that fashion but for a shipment out of country...it shows great faith in your fellow man!!  If your website showed shipping charges it would simplify ordering, I believe, but I understand how difficult it is to list charges, which vary from one time to the next, in overseas shipping.  Again, excellent product at a very fair price and you will here from me in the future. Thanks, Dick Ladrach
Harvey Hello Ray, My Conrod Kits arrived a week or so ago and I thought I would take this opportunity to express how pleased I am. I have an engineering background and therefore, I am very much aware of the amount of time and effort you must have put into this project for which I thank you very much. The success of this project has made my own restoration viable again. How about a replica chain guard in polished stainless (or am I getting carried away)? Once again thank you, Harvey
Carlos Good Morning Ray,   Just wanted to follow up with you and say thank you for your help during the restoration of my 1971 Bridgestone 200 SS (Checkered). I got her done about 6 weeks ago and took her to the Larz Anderson Museum where she took first place for People’s Choice Motorcycle on Japanese Day. I am sure I will be working with you in the future when I get the other 200 RS I have up and running again. Best Regards Carlos
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